I’ve been spiritually guiding people for the past forty-five years. 

For each of us to successfully complete our individual journey, we must first awaken the divine light within. My goal is to provide you with the spiritual and holistic knowledge that will bring you to these higher levels of awareness – and a more satisfying life.


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EXPECT: to hear your inner voice of wisdom, when you expect things, you create a vacuum in your consciousness that literally pulls in solutions, guidance and answers.

TRUST:the Inner wisdom of your soul. allow yourself to trust your inner guidance by just noticing & recording all gut feelings, hunches, new ideas, impulses & psychic intuitions.  When you record them this will help lend value to their existence. Look back over your log in a week or two, you should have evidence of their value.

ACT: on your inner voice, your wisdom, follow through on your psychic feeling, you will see your life transform from one that is ordinary to one that is simply mystifying, a child unto the universe, guided every step of the way.Type your paragraph here.